About Digital Library Pavia

Digital Library Pavia is the platform of the University of Pavia that hosts and manages the cultural multi-domain of libraries, museums and archives of the University and some local institutions. It houses different kinds of digital objects (ancient books, archival materials and museum objects, documentary material, periodicals, audio and video assets) allowing you to search, view, download and reuse them, on the basis of their licenses and according to the regulations in force. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to study the historical and geographical context while browsing the digital objects, putting them in relation to people, events and places. The "Network Lab" button activates and enhances the relationship between people through a graphic representation (example).

Digital Library Pavia represents the evolution of an old digitization project that had involved, during the years 2003-2006, a substantial collection of volumes from Plinio Fraccaro's Library. Plinio Fraccaro was professor of Ancient History at the University of Pavia from 1915 till 1953 and Rector of the University. The digitized documents were made usable through the Navigator interface of the Codex[ml] software platform, a modular integrated system, developed by CILEA (Lombardy inter-university consortium for automatic processing).

In 2018, after the decommissioning of Codex[ml] and the abandonment of the related project, the creation phase of Digital Library Pavia began with the support of DSpace-GLAM, the data model of 4Science. At the beginning, we planned the recovery of all those materials which were already digitized and stored in the libraries, archives and museums of our Cultural Heritage Area of the University. To facilitate the implementation of the Service, some solutions were developed for the recovery of descriptive metadata of all those collections which were retrieved from the various cataloging and inventory systems in use at the University (Archimista, SIRBEC and EasyCat). The activation of the Service to the public took place on January 13th, 2021 (see the event brochure published in our University News). All the facilities participating in the project, together with their different types of uploaded documents, can be browsed on the service portal under the heading "SEARCH BY STRUCTURES".  

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