Technical details

Digital Library Pavia was created with the software DSpace-GLAM, an open source solution developed by 4Science. DSpace-GLAM IIIF Image Viewer allows you to browse digital objects in a high resolution. The DSpace-GLAM (Optical Character Recognition) OCR & Transcription viewer facilitates the search of terms and the analysis of archived texts. Thanks to the audio-video streaming of DSpace-GLAM, Digital Library Pavia can make available videos, films, audio and podcasts.

DSpace-GLAM also guarantees an excellent exposure of the objects on the web according to all the international standards (Dublin Core, EAD, MAG, METS, ICCD,…) and with the RDA guidelines.

In addition, it provides the ability to use persistent identifiers (Handle, DOI) that find digital objects online regardless of the URL and the application on which they reside. The URIs are, in fact, a prerequisite for the exposure of Linked Open Data (LOD) and the sharing of digital resources. Digital library Pavia is a SAAS AGID compliant architecture.

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